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  1. his name is adien . so how have you been
    after grad i wi ll going back east or home.
  2. aww... hey my birth day is March 2nd lol what is the baby's name?
  3. hey sorry it been nathan baby was born march 5 2009 he hard start so far
  4. whos having his baby again? I forgot if you told me or not!
  5. hey kim yea he gonna be dad . thinks alaway work out he need time too think for a while
  6. I didint know that nathan was having a baby? And I really dont know what to tell you. sorry I cant help.
  7. hey kim what good thing could be better for but are alot worse the last we talk was few month to calie and hurt more than anything his baby will born soon.
  8. hey kim what good . same aold same here . how about? julie start sckool sept 8
  9. that i will do soon i will be new phone .
    the carry wiil be crickit
  10. Oh ok hun! You take care of yourself ok! Drop a line when ever you need to!
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