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  1. Wowow. XDD He's short? I didn't know.
    Yeah, I have no idea what they're saying and I don't really care. I doubt it's anything atrocious or else I'd hear about it from other people lol. In their latest album, they actually tried remaking a few of their songs to english but I can hardly understand them anyway. XD They need to stick to Japanese.
  2. yea dude they came to dallas
    kyo the little bitty one. had to be like 5'4
    ugh.. i belive 2006... its hard for my to keep up with it. the piks were great tht day it was 103 lol. smirnoff center i do belive..

    it was actaully bf at the time that forced me into going. and other then the language barrier it was pretty sweet
  3. Tnx tnx. I think so, too.
    And you're right. It's Kyo, the lead singer. <3 That voice
    Holy f*ck, you saw them on stage... I am completely jealous. And no doubt they were amazing.
  4. profile pik is rad
    if im not mistaken its a member from dir en grey
    they were completely sick onstage
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