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  1. Lol you're welcome. I'm fine, thanks. xD I've always wanted to have a sister, too. I have two older brothers, though. And yeah I'm a girl lol.
  2. ahh..ok.. thanks for being nice..hihi ..LOL ..!! how are you?? good day! hmm, i've always wanted to have an elder sister..ur a girl, right?? hehe XD ..keep safe!! sayonanara..!!
  3. Lol Hi Aya. I'm still 17 years old. xD I really like animes and mangas, too.

    And the more reputation points you have, the more reputation power you have.
  4. ahh..ok, its really the way, im AYA and im still 13 years old..i really like animes and mangas ..hihi .. then, can i ask one question? how do u expand ur reputation power?? gud day!!
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