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  1. Ah, that's cool.
  2. Me, i just talk to my friends that are online, do some RPG forums, check my threads, and check my groups.
  3. That's good. And I see. I'm never online either. Maybe for about a few mintues a day. I like to check some threads, respond to messages, and check my social group and that's basically it. It doesn't usually take long.
  4. I am fine, i need a few more friends because not a lot of them are online wen i come on.
  5. Ello ello. I'm fine, thanks. N you?

    And why're you trying to make a few more friends? You want more/don't have enough? What makes people think they don't have enough friends, I wonder.

    xD; I'm odd.
  6. Hello, how are you? I am trying to make a few more friends.
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