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  1. Stop smoking that crack pipe.

    NO they do NOT. *facepalm*
  2. So do they turn you on as you see their hair get cut?
  3. Lol oh okay. XD And it's not really a beauty salon. It's a place where mainly guys get their haircut because of the man-themedness of the store.
  4. No i was just kidding. Normally though I assume everyone ot be a guy first then if I have enough evidence to believe otherwise then yeah. WHen you told me you work at a beauty salon that was enough evidence. Unless you weren't a heterosexual boy.
  5. Omg.. you didn't really think I was a dude, did you?
  6. I'll just call you charlie brown
  7. O_O Lol I'll PM you my name. I don't really like anyone knowing. 3:

    But yeah, otherwise, just call me Cin. d:
  8. so srsly, what is your name?? Feels weird calling you cinlilly all the time...unlesss....THAT IS your real name? O_O
  9. XD um.

    Thank you ?
  10. ba ba booey
    ba ba booey!
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