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  1. lol wait what? XD
  2. lol didn't even know, what a late ass add.

    I can't add ppl who i donno on a first name basis xD
  3. lmao, very nice. XDD





    XXDD merry Christmas to you again, too. b(=w=)d
  4. wow your profile totally made me





    merry christmas again hahaha
  5. Lol. Yeah, I know. Innactivity ftw, right .
  6. welcome to three weeks ago cinlilly :P
  7. Your signature is soooo suggestive. D:
  8. lol, dually noted. I'm probably going to get over it by the end of this weekend so that'll be good. I just have to worry about finals now. *ugh*
  9. Well take care of yourself. Nowadays all these germs are resistant to drugs and stuff, it's crazy.
  10. I have no clue. But it's that stupid cold that's been going around. And I had a link to a thread in my location and it stretched out my profile info next to my posts and it made it look weird on the forum.
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