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  1. Totally.

    I bet airfare to Japan would be cheaper in Malaysia.
  2. I will learn i even if i didn't want to!!
    but anyways if everything went by the plan it'll be more than worth it ... *looking at the far sky* (anime trauma effects!!)
  3. .... I hope you have internet access to learn the language. xD;
  4. what luck in that?! lol
    and i just confirmed yesterday that it might become 9!!
  5. .___. For seven years...?!

    Wow, uh, luck to ya. . .
  6. I can say i'm good ,just known that i have to stay away in Malaysia for the next seven years!!
  7. o_O I'm fine and so are you? lol..
  8. Hiz lol ,how r u? no i won't ask that ,how about how are me?! O.o lolz
  9. Heeyyyy thar. :]
  10. Mushi mush? mushi mushi?
    Hi ;p
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