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  1. XD haha. That's awesome. I never knew that. O: I'll have to tell my friend about that game, she's got a DS and has been looking for a new game. C:

    D: Bah, I gotta go now, though. TTYLLLLL!!!!!....... 'orz'... xDD
  2. Good, I bet she'll appreciate the comment: ^_^

    SHE SHOULD!!!! XD She is really cool both in character setting and design. I'm currently a fan of the illustrator whom did the artwork: BUNBUN. Since I'm the type that gets hooked easily I've gone out and bought things with his work in it. XD He's also done the character design for a Nintendo DS game called, "Rondo of Swords". Its a neat game on its own too so it was rather a good buy. XD
  3. O: Oh snap, I so will.

    D: Aww, that sucks. SHE SHOULD HAVE HER OWN SHOW! lol but no really, she looks super cool.
  4. Thanks but _gwenibe_ made it for me so dont tell me, go leave a comment for her in the gallery.

    Technically she's really not from an anime but a light novel series known as "Polyphonica". She did however appear in ONE episode of the animated Polyphonica series. She was more of a "guest" character in the anime so...dammit all. I hope to see an OVA or something come out with her as the main. That'd be on the top of my wish list. LOLS
  5. o_o omgsh, wow your sig is more awesome than your avy. d(=w=)b Noice.

    And lol, I use the word "delicious" for lots of strange things. And your sig is dellliiiccioouussssss. omnom n such

    XDD So what anime is she from?
  6. *Points to avy+sig* You tell me...."delicious" is a strange choice of word no? XD

    *sigh* Sometimes I'm ashamed of myself for having the thought, "I wish **** was a real girl in real life". ^^; Atleast I am not the only that thinks that right? Nor am I like the guy whom is petitioning a marriage proposal to an anime character....*sigh* that's over the "line" man, sad.
  7. XDD I'm guessing Matia is delicious? lol
  8. If "I" was actually watching you than yes, that'd be frikking scary+freaky. But if it was the lovely Matia than who'd complain? LOLS
  9. XD lol that's okay. No worries
  10. D: I'm scared 'cause I saw your usertitle.

    D: Stalkeerrrrr
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