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  1. It wasn't fish. I told you repeatedly that your RPG idea wasn't for me.
  2. pm so i know you care alest goodbye and thinks for all the fish
  3. did u pm me yet
    now would be really cool thinks please and think u
  4. do u like the school rules please pm your chater soon
  5. I will, if the story is strong enough. I didn't join cause there was no story, plot, setting, ect...
  6. Sure send it too me in a PM, or just on this. Okay?
  7. Did you get a story figured out for Love Wars High yet?
  8. tell me oplease i need to know email me what they said pleae
  9. so what did they say will they join i could really use mebers for it
  10. k i will its still new so right now i'm still working on it
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