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  1. Hi. My day's been good... How about yours? ...........(Gotta fill spaces.)
  2. hello!! how are you?? how has your day been ?? ^-^
  3. yeah.i think so too.the title is the first hint to the reader that the manga will be good.the title is important but not as important as the content.i also the the art is important.just as important as the content.
  4. A good title can reel a person in. That's what I think.
  5. seems like it.try not to focuse too much on the name.youll lose the plot.
  6. Alright I'll think about the name. It's really hard to think of a good one.
  7. *smile.youre welcome.i think the name is fine keep it personally.
  8. Thx. I've been working on it. I'm working on the cover, but can't think of a name yet.
  9. hey.i read your fan-fic.great have to agreet though with some of the people stated some things like the reader wouldnt understand what you were talking about.makes the reader feel stupid=/some people.might need the extra comentary but not me.^-^.great job though the plot sounds like its off to a great start.
  10. yeah...........except our connection is not wireless=/
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