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  1. and that bastard wound die you knok him off a brige twise and hes still alive you kick his ass in the desert and in hyrule casel he just wount die. the bosses were ok they cvould have bin beter of at least there speed could have bin beter i get all the way to the other side of the screen before the boss is even half way trew his attack
  2. I understand. I thought, if anything, he was the hardest boss. Even though he technically wasn't a boss. The true bosses were too predictable.
  3. the first time i hated that guy sinse i couldent beat him but now its soso sinse i know how to beat him
  4. I loved fighting that guy. Only because of the scene after, where Epona stood on her hind legs with the sun behing them.
  5. That was one of my favorite parts. Only because of the seen where he stood on his horse with the sun behind him.
  6. the last time i played whas this past desember the one i realy hated whas that guy riding the bore that you hade to fight on the frige those 2 times
  7. Yeah zant is who I meant. I just couldn't remember his name. I haven't played that one in a while.
  8. the second boss do you mean that zant guy the one that comes out in the twilight relm
  9. My favorite was the Fish eel and the strongest boss other then Ganon.
  10. its ok and you can go back in time in majorask mask and re fight the bosses thats the only zelda game you can do that that i know off. and twilight was ok if the bosses were harder it would have bin beter what was your favorit boss mines was the dragon and the fish eal they bothe are fun
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