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  1. Cool. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I had to do something. Only 4 dungeons? I liked Twilight Princes Because it was longer.
  2. cool me too im gona see how much it cost and wene it gets realesed too so if i can im gona try to pre order it in game stop and majoras mask is a short game theres only 4 dunjons and thats not counting the miney ones the moon kids put you trew. you probably sene anime before you just dident know it same was whit me sinse i dident know what catualy counted as anime. and ile chek it out later on today
  3. Well I'm planning on buying the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword when released. I've played and beat eveyone exept Mojora's mask. I have liked manga for 8 years. I write & draw it. Actually I watched an Anime for the first time today. It was Black Butler. My own Manga summary is under fanfics if you want to see my work. I can`t upload phots though.
  4. yea thats true so what are you into games manga anime ect
  5. I'm a main. My charecter's Thorn Doku. I understand sometimes the 50 charecters thing is annoying, but then again helpful because some people would just post "lol" and things like that.
  6. the zelda pic link is from majoras mask its the finnal one you get after giving the moon children all of the other masks in the game and hes caled "fears dayaty link" i think i miss spelded it
  7. are you main charecter or helper in the game ..................(sorry nead to take up space)........................
  8. and i got the pic off of google put "funny motivational poster pics zelda"
  9. Nothing much, I just joined my first RPG ever a few days ago. You're in it too. All-in-all I'm pretty good. You?
  10. sup man i got your friend recuest always happy to make new friends so what new whit you
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