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  1. hey bliss whats up i haven't see you in a while so i came by to check up on you
  2. hy bliss can you meet me in the chat if possible....or something
  3. ok ya if u want u can try to find just wandering because shadow came to me and asked me..
  4. like wat i haven't heard any rumors about you two yet and if you want ill see if i can't find some.
  5. hay have u heard any roumors about me or shadow dancer?...............................
  6. hmmm...that depends who i use it on.....but ya i would
  7. im just wandering.........but would u use ur tongue ring for that? hehe
  8. hmmm well thats for the user of the tongue ring to decide
  9. tongue pircings r really hot!!!!!!!!!!!! and u do know what there used for right? hehehe
  10. hmm ok i can accept that but still your cute and sexy and i like that its really cool how you had that done i have and need one peircing and thats in my tongue.
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