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  1. Im sorry to hear that man. Hope you feel better soon!
  2. not to much just dealing with my deep state of depression im in.
  3. HEYYY!! What is up man? What have you been up to, hm?
  4. Yo, wassup man? How have ya been? Anyways... BE AN ACTIVE CLAN RAINSTORM, YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA! Soorrrryy! lol
  5. Hey why did you promote me im very confused so can i have an explanation
  6. hey chief wat rank am i mean i am in the black ops know but wat rand am i
  7. hey why can't i play the arcade games it keeps saying the admin has disabled this function for your user group
  8. its a scar i got when i was a kid my lil sister drew on it with a perminit marker
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