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  1. That video sure freaked me out! it was utterly awesome and unique!! seriously it was very crazy! thanx for sharing.
  2. hey check my album for the pic if you can't get it or go to yahoo and type in code geass
  3. i want anything of code geass's ,i'm very interested in this anime ...
  4. sweet ok (you want the one of lelouch right just corius)
  5. *nods* yeah! please!!
    as a gift i'll tell you a secret! you can put a lot of spaces before the last word of your post and you won't have that problem of 50 characters.
  6. yeah you want it? (50 char gkejh kjkltghjkhjgkojghk kohj)
  7. lol ,sure i can ,and i like your profile picture do you have it big somewhere? :P
  8. hey lich wats up (50 char 445646454564526475646756456456)
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