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  1. hey i miss you was up ?
    i wish you was on to talk to me i miss you alot
  2. hi was up i miss you ............ ..............
    look forward to talking to you
  3. Hey lisa im back but not for long so im saying hy for now and ill talk to you later
  4. Lisa I Missed You *hugs You* Omg!!!! I Thought You Said For A Whole Week Is How Long Youd Be Gone
  5. yeah hes doing better but his family is still freaking their son and daughter asked to stay with me for awhile because they think of me as their big brother
  6. Ok than ill see you when you get back *hugs you*
    the forums going to be boring for a whole week
  7. nooooo don't go me miss you to much but ok bye
  8. hey baby i just woke up sorry but im sick today i have a soar throat
  9. hey you on
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????//
  10. good nite wish you good dreams..........................
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