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  1. lol. wow. I hope you have fun there. are you stayig on the beach?
  2. Im Doing Great Here In Hawaii And Im Loving It Woooohhhhhh
  3. hello cojoe. just sending all my friends a message, trying to stay in contact with everyone. ^ ^ so how are you doing?
  4. no, it's cool bud. I was being funny. that was the last time I tried talking to someone in that state of mind. lol. but for real, who screams at people about blue jelly? lol. (I'm kidding)
  5. don't worry im not a mean or crazy drunk i have never been so mean to a woman/lady in my life and i don't plan to start
  6. lol WOW! 0 0 so you're drunk right now... I'm talking to a drunk person! (lol) the last time I talked to a dunk person he started screaming at me about blue jelly. I don't know why. it was funny though. lol
  7. nope my mom owns the bar and she said drink all i want and my friends drink free
  8. you're seventeen and you got wasted? did you use a fake ID or something?
  9. LOL I spent all day at a bar and got so wasted so im very happy right not
  10. aw, buddy I'm so happy for you. so, what did you do for it?
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