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  1. Happy thanksgiving COJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. trying to figure out a linky lol********************************
  3. hello SARA *HUGS THE CRAP OUT OF YOU* so how are you today
  4. have a great one Coj. TC you. **hugs back***
  5. i have to go so ill talk to you tomorrow bye...*hugs you*
  6. you can always trust me i won't do anything to hurt you or anyone else
  7. sobs......yeah but i don't know who else to believe anymore ..................and the girl is kinda freaky.....she sent me a linky to the poem she wrote for him...............
  8. don't worry i don't care you two are my best friends here and i won't judge you two
  9. i jsut replied back i know you won't like it the others don't approve too...called me names from stupid to idiot to dolt
  10. no not really all the time in the
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