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  1. you in class? hope am not taking too much of your time though
  2. ok ill wait for just send whenever im here for another 10 mins
  3. i'll send you a pm ..............dnt want anyone to read it on visitor message
  4. how life going down the can tell me
  5. lol sorry okay holding up and trying to stay clear of any emotional entanglements for now .....i just need time away from relationships ( romantic) for the moment. seems that any thing romantic turns into a disaster lately
  6. its not supposed to be sarcastic...but how are you?
  7. well i was.....that sounded sarcastic.............hope not i get enough of that from some other friend.....
  8. awww thats so yeah im better now
  9. i know but still can't help it you're one of my friends here.
  10. yes im fine i didn't mean to make you worry about me.
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