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  1. hey what just happened? you left the chat
  2. no prob with yesterday Katsoyori ws asking me if i was cool with it i told him it's okay it takes more than that to get me ticked off.
  3. not at all im 16 (50 char giggity giggity goooooooo)
  4. do you mind if i ask you how old you are? you're taking serious meds.
  5. well see im alittle depressed and my meds make me calm/crazy and/or pervy so theres no telling what will happen
  6. medication for what Cojoe?just asking it's okay if yuo don't want to answer that
  7. hey im sorry for yesterday i was on my medicanion so thats why i was so weird
  8. mean person lmao! just kidding cojoe!
  9. no problem. i always welcome the opportunity for new friends
  10. hey wats up im cojoe
    i hope we can become good friends
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