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  1. RYO hey girl wats up come to the chat room when you get a chance
  2. yes i remember him you were nuts over him but remember no matter wat happens you are beautiful and you should never doubt that
  3. Fine I am sorry! I am beautiful! there happy? I am pretty but I think something is wrong with me because for somereason I can't make the guy I like like me back >>
  4. *hugs back* It's k ^^ Trust me, I am alright now
    Just sick :P
  5. hmm i see then you should wait 3 more days if he isn't on by then than you need to find another *hugs you softly* sorry thats all the help i can give you
  6. It's been good, I talked to the one who liked me and we are buds. But the one I like we haven't talked in a while
  7. Hey how are you and your little problem doing i was wandering if hes been on since we last talked
  8. ok um do you like the death note? (50 char klhgkldshgklh khklhgh)
  9. I am ok ^^ not to great but ok ^^ Oh sure, I like it alot, diggin the bleach images
  10. Ok how are you....oh and can you tell me wat you think of my myspace page
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