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  1. hey cody how are you doing? thought i'd stop by and see what you might be up to when you get a chance give me a call or write me an e-mail ok ttyl cassy.
  2. wow! that is a geart way to muilt- task my freind and good way to keep yourslef busy to i wish i could that mush at once.
  3. hello cojoe hope your doing alright, thought i'd drop by and say hello and see what you might be up to. cassy.
  4. coty you don't want to go don't they have no power over you and they don't own you you own you have power over yourslef no one else .
  5. yes you do need to be very careful but hey no date no go trust me they may all be a group of succubuses and that is very bad .
  6. wow who is frocing to go oh or wrose who is your so called date that really sucks.
  7. hello coty long time now talk how is everything going and how have you been lately?
  8. hello coty hope your doing well i did call but you were at a freinds wich is fine hope to talk to you later cassy.
  9. hi cojoe it hass been a while but your back and very lucky to be .
  10. hello my wf i miss you and hope your doing well i will try and see or talk to you tommrrow ok tty soon love alwayls cassy.
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