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  1. hey my sexy man how are you? i miss you very much i'll call you later so we can talk ok ttys.xoxo cassy.
  2. hey coty what's up? i just wanted to chek up on here and see what is going on talk to you soon cassy.
  3. hey my wihite wolf thank you very much talk to you when i can tommrrow ok i love you later to you cassy.
  4. yeah you did and wow that is great you have a good eye for things and i'm ok just a little tired by the way cody how are you?
  5. hey cody what's up? i was wondering are you in Tenesse for school? well got to gottyl cassy.
  6. hey cody what's up do you think we could talk just as freinds possbaly let me know later.
  7. hey i'm good and so is kyle sorry you hate tanssee you can talk to me about it if you want later.
  8. cody i do understand but you should not give up you have the same gift i do if you want help to use it just ask and i will help you.
  9. cody i will try but i have had this hapeppen to me way to many times tell me how many times a heart can heal until it can't any more
  10. cody can you give me a call later at (928)592-9114 ask for cassy ok.
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