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  1. no he means it i got the blade suctk in my heart this time
  2. ht
  3. cody can we talk i really need to talk to you pealse are you there?
  4. priggan....said e... on... here..... sorry...i'm....crying....cassy
  5. hey cody hope your injoying you time in haiwwi when you get back let me know all about it ok gentle breezes cassy.
  6. cody yeah i know how you feel about work i was sick of it after two weeks to so don't worry lol.
  7. hey cody i'm dioing very well and all i can say what i've been diong is same shit diffrent day
  8. hey cody what's up tought i would drop in and say hi and see how you are well ttyl cassy
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