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  1. ._.' i think he on to use also lol and ya i wuld have akses to your pics and lol u can see me 1st lol just look up neko nathaniel or goble
  2. OMG He's catching on to us!! Lol! Kidding...kidding... :P
    Yeah sureeeee you do.. XD
    Yeah... But then you would have access to my pics... O.o lol
  3. lol still say t man is stalking u lol but im a beter stalker ._.' i have pics of u what now mewhahaha lol jk hey u have a myspace?
  4. oOo! Creepy!! XD lolz :P No duh right? :P
    lol Np XD
  5. o o o o i can be your stalker mewhahah >.> ........... ._.' lol im waching u right now .. your on your pc talking to me lol yay me good stalker lol and thank u for the happy
  6. Five days after your birthday? Lol. Happy really-late birthday. :P Better late than never eh? Haha, were about the same age; but your older by a few months. Actually, Around two. lol. Anyways, haha, no, he isn't a stalker haha. Try a friend :P Oh well, I want a stalker. They are creepy but I'm a huge darkness freak... Which means I love creepy things. =D And also, I love to creep/scar the living crap of people. It's fun!! :P Lol. I'm weird and different I know.
  7. ..... looks like u got a stalker on your page roy lol see shold have not told him u wher gay lol jk
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