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  1. 'cause they are CRUEL!! x.x Why are anime makers socruel to us? why??!! X.X
  2. i know right....wahhhhhhh!!!! why?!,why?! did they kill him?!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT
  3. D:true but it's still sad... D: it sucks that he died TT.TT
  4. i miss hughes he was funny!!! TT_TT ,oh well ,well at least his time in the anime was made worth while i mean he has people sobbing over him
  5. o.o lol poor hughes D: I always cry when somebody dies in an anime it's weird...lolz o.o
  6. remember when hughes died it was horrible!my older sister and me were crying and calling the people who made the anime idiots.other than the fact hughes was dead it was pretty funny.
  7. lolz, still =) It's apart of my personality to be polite Ah. lol. Conquer of Shamballa I think that goes after the first anime lol Your near the end then. 51 episodes of the first anime. lol you mean with Scar and while them in the rain? Haha, that was funny XD
  8. dont worry about manners you only need em at the table and when your meeting person to person.haha.i like it when he gets his butt saved by hawkeye.ive seen up to 30something and ive seen conquer of shambala and own manga 1&2
  9. lol XD I love his flame attacks.... Especially when he fights with Fullmetal...In the duel... Too slow! I've seen both animes fully, the movie too. lol
    Oh, right, I forgot my manners... Sorry ^.^ I'm Ed/Midnight (not my realy name either lo) It's nice to meet ya too XD
  10. you watch fullmetal alchemist and the colonel is awesome too?!that awesome! oh by the way im tokini (not my real though)nice ta meet cha!
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