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  1. oh i c my bad didnt mean 2 say it dat way so wat do u want 2 talk about cuz i have no idea..XD
  2. You said that you were slow in the head sometimes, so I told you not to worry about it, I dont judge peope is all that I am saying, yeah you should know me well enough to be able to tell that about me
  3. wat u mean by dat do u dnt like 4 some reason or ur just da kind of person 2 judge otha ppl..XD
  4. No worries, I dont jusdge people, unless I have to, so your allright by me.
  5. ohhhhh i c...didnt kno dat sometime slow in da head...XD
  6. Most people that I know would be like apologizing becuase they made no mistake, thats why I said dont apologize...I know I live far from the UK...I am at least gonna go there once in my life time...
  7. why would i say srry...did i do smethang....n wow u like kind of far 4rm u...XD
  8. I know where rhode island is, its like a do on the map but I know its there...(I have spent too much time looking at maps to not know, and before you say youre sorry, you didnt do anything wrong. I do live in the US, I live in Tennesee, not by choice really.
  9. wow i wuz born in rhode island u mught not heard of it but its da smallest state in new york im 16 my birthday just passed it wuz in june 19 so ur like a year older than me kewl..u sound really sweet ..wish i cud c u 4 real do u even live in da u.s...XD
  10. Mix? In terms of my ethnic backround, the closest thing to British in me, is Scottish. I was born in the states. England= birth place of 90% of my music, and it seems to be less problamatic than the US. I would love to be British really. I am 16, and December 9th, 1991. By all means as me anything.
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