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  1. I know you...I know I have memory of you. Talk to me so I can remember who you are.
  2. So I will have to see my options if I can go...I probably will be able to go, with the way things are looking now, and I am really excited at the prospect of getting to go
  3. LOL
    I highly recommend you St. Petersburgh
    I have been there and it is the most beautiful place you shall visit
    it has so much history and art
    you will love it!!
  4. No but if I do go, I am hoping for Moscow, or St. Petersburg, that one would be good too, possibly even Stalingrad or Leningrad (if they still exist)
  5. wohooo!! you know what city??,.......
  6. Kinda not ok, but I am surviving. I might be getting to go to Russia for an exchange student program, and I could be there from a couple of weeks to a whole year.
  7. lolz.......=]
    so hows life been treating you?
    anything new in life?
  8. Wrong it's been forever and a day (hates that stupid rule)
  9. ello ello
    I have not talked ya in what seems forever
  10. What she said! -laughs and hugs- I missed/miss you lots. PM me sometime if you wanna.
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