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  1. awwwww
    I know it has been a while
    "hugs back" the need to pm me....I need to ask you something
  2. No worries Eve. *hugs* I miss you lots. *hug hug hug hug hug hug hug*
  3. really?
    I would never imagine you in that sort of scene....LOL
    no offense or anything
  4. I am getting into lotsa political things here lately, I loce it all. so I have been getting busy, and I am not so sure that I like it.
  5. oy
    school, school and more school
    and you?
    hope things are better for you than me....
  6. My great friend, I am well, I think. Its been too long, how have you been???
  7. hey there....^_^
    long time no talk
    how have you been>?
  8. Well PM me, I gotta eat for the moment, I am here I am just invisible.
  9. wow
    I sure missed a lot
    I hope we can catch up and I am dying to hear how have you been
  10. Tell you what eve, I am just half pressed to give you my phone number, god then I would be able to talk to you more at least. I miss you lots. I have a gf stroke of luck right? *hugs* Well talk to you later my Russki Ninja. (I wasnt kidding about my number, just say the word.)
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