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  1. Well I am outta school, lets see you top that one. Cant wiat for yours to start so we can talk again
  2. ooooh
    I am like shaking in my boots
  3. Tremble in fear of the allmighty double post of doom!1!!1!!!11!1!!!!!!! (I wager you couldnt be a double post!)
  4. *you know it *smiles* especiall now that I have some one to talk to! *hugs you* you have been tagged!
  5. awwww
    pat you on the back.....hehehehe
    feel better now?
  6. *poofs in a large thick cloud of smoke and starts to cough and fans the air* There goes my big surprise *manages a laugh* I wont make it myself next time...
  7. "peeks in"
    "sniffs around and sensing no life....disappears into the shadows"
  8. WEll then you are one upped by the Usage of...SHAZAM! Take that one! *hugs*
  9. LOL!
    well if you say BAM
    then I say BOOM!....ahahahah
  10. BAM! You have been Visitor Messaged! (By the sillg goose none the less)
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