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  1. hey conrad long time no see how are you?...................
  2. You have a clean slate as of today, dont mess it up again.
  3. Boo hoo, I could care less what either one of you thinks at the moment, so stop pushing your luck, your not gonna fine it pleasent for you, or her.
  4. Too bad, she will survive with out me for a few hours
  5. KAINE dude wats up how you been come to the chat room
  6. hey kaine kasey just arrived and shes waiting for you so hurry and get here
  7. dude mokeys suck so much dick (you know wat i mean i can't say the other word)
  8. Apparently some Admin stuff...there werent any rulses posted about it, thy spring on the fact that I could be permanent ly banned only after two ban, apparent ly I am a problem and I instigate or somthing...but whatever...I am seeing where "debating" the issue with a mod gets me
  9. no why did you get banned from it? (50char 454631641)
  10. Did you get banned from the flashchat???????????????????????????????
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