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  1. You have told me before that you like my hair in that photo. I think thats why I put that
    one on AO.
  2. I do to have that photo !
  3. Oh! I forgot to tell you I dont have texting yet so you will have to call if you wanna make contact.
  4. I am here please PM me if you wanna talk........................
  5. Hi Kaine, haven't talked to you in a couple days so I thought I would ask how you are?
  6. Well we are both here now, aren't we? So anything new, anything to say as a topic
    starter for a conversation.
  7. Back to our usually un lucky timings arent we????????????
  8. Nothing new, anyway maybe we can get a chance to talk later.
  9. Hey hey what bees up with yous? ( nothing nothing nothing)
  10. Hi Kaine, I'm on if you want to talk to me right now.
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