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  1. Well I am in a band, well I do play lead, well we dont meet (I need to change that). we woud probably play some easy stuff like Art Brut, or some BRMC, some Arctic Monkeys, idk its all up to them really, but it all comes down to what I can play.
  2. My dad had a guitar and he thinks he can play, he is so damn retarded,
    because he chooses to be, its a sad kind of funny.
    So what kind of songs does your band play?
  3. Two acoustics (one is a 12 string), and 3 electrics (two normal, one hollowbody), and I have got a Hughes and Kettner amplifier too
  4. You said you have five, so how many different kinds do you own.
  5. Well I know like a massive amount of guitars I own five...I want more, soo I am count as a nurd in that case...I think that made sense
  6. I would have loved to learned how to play bass so its not that nerdy.
    Actually its cool.
  7. I am a guitar nurd! Thats how I know my basses too, Haruko playes a Rickenbacker 4003
  8. I use to play the keyboard but after alot of moving I lost the keyboard and
    eventually forgot how to play.
  9. No one better than her! I know what Kind of Bass she plays too...(guess you get that from playing an instrument)
  10. I love Haruko and I was debating which out of the many I have to put on here
    and I came up with that one after getting tired of arguing with myself.
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