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  1. Thats good to hear because friends are suppose to make you feel better.
  2. Yeah thank you very much Anna. (asdjfdghfjfkjghklb)
  3. So are you feeling better now?
  4. How selfish? You were just trying yo help me is all...thank you for the gesture, I guess that i twas allthat I really needed.
  5. This may sound selfish of me to bring up myself but this song always makes me feel
    better for some reason, maybe because it is peaceful
  6. I dunno...I was just massively depressed and I ont know why really....-_-
  7. Do you want to talk about what is bothering you, you can pm me if you want.
  8. I am not in a good mood, can you help me maybe feel better some what -_- I mean you dont have to...
  9. I went and saw my family before school started, other than that not really.
  10. Yeah I can say so reasonably enough. anything new?
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