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  1. Well that sucks, so besides that everythings good.
  2. Well sorta peeved that I didnt get to go see any of my mates today -_-
  3. Nothing, just hanging out and doing a couple things, so what about you?
  4. Wha sup? (ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore)
  5. WhooHoo! I'm online Kaine if you want to talk.
  6. Hi Kaine, I have not talked to you lately and was curious how you are doing?
  7. No...that is a very rare event with in it self, but it is somethign new
  8. Did I tell you that a frog got loose in my house and my cat tried to eat it?
    Thats kinda new, but not really.
  9. I missed you again, when I logged in you were online but you apparently left.
  10. *hugs* calm down Ms. Anna, I cant have my #1 fan all flustered like this, its allright I will talk to you when ever I get the chance to again...if you wanna talk about it PM me
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