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  1. Your last last activity was at 7:17 at that time I was whining because my laptop would
    not let me on since 6:00 pm, I hate my laptop, that is worse timing and even worser
    I might not be online Monday and I know I won't be online Tuesday and Wensday is to
    far into the future to tell, so I'll see you whenever things aren't insane.
  2. I call it culture, man you had to leave allready? I swear I must have like the worst timing ever!
  3. You come on just when I have to leave, my parents probably label me the same thing
    but sometimes they like the music I listen to.
  4. Well my frinds are closed minded about what they listen to, so I get labeled "eclectic" and get sent of to listen to it by my self
  5. I like alot of your music and I have heard them all before and even then I liked them.
  6. Thats too aweseom, I am getting you to like my music I like the rare occasions that that happens!
  7. I love this song Soundgarden - Burden in my Hand.
  8. I have a limited amout of music on my hard drive, usually when ever in the past I at least pulled songs off my iPod its just the selecetion is a lot more limited with out my iPod that is all. So whats new Anna?
  9. So hiow did you come up with this playlist without your ipod.
  10. Another thing that amazed me was the fact that I was able to toss together a playlist with out getting my iPod... Yaya I got a hug from my #1 fan
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