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  1. I need Email and allthat stuff, PM me with it if you would please.
  2. *hugs you* hey your on yay look for me on myspace plz ok

    your the best ^_^
  3. I do have a myspace, *hugs back* were still friends, PM me with your email and I will look you up, allright?
  4. hey conrad im sorry that i havent been on alot *Hugs you tight* plz still tell me your still my frined
    oh ummm i was wondering do you have a myspace? so i can talk to you on there insted of here
    i miss you ^_^
  5. Morning Ashley *yawns and hugs* Miss you you know...get on more often please.
  6. hey whats up
    im glad that you are on i havent talked to you in a long time
  7. Hey, do me a favor and empty out your inbox so I can sent you messages
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