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  1. um... typing? ... lol (Kidding) nothing really. just listening to some music and talking to people. you?
  2. What are you doing here tonight other than breathing?
  3. that wasn't all true.
    She said she needed time from relationships so she could get closer to God. So, she said we were gonna be like we were just friends until then. She said she was still mine and nothing more than a very basic friend level would ever happen. She said that if her feelings for me left before we got back together that she would be mine for at least one last day and if its not better then, she would have to see other people. And THEN that would be our end. She promised never to leave me unless God directed her some other way.
  4. She told me that she had broken up with you..........
  5. Levi. Just letting zero know whats going on...
    I really don't think Kasey will be on for a long time. But when I get to talk to her, I'll tell her to let you know when she's on after (maybe) I break up with her
  6. Whose on, is that you Levi, or is it Kasey?????????????????????/
  7. Never mind... I'm here. false alarm
  8. my birthday's comming up. 16 to the max. (thats was really lame...)
  9. hey. just thought I'd let you know I'm online.
  10. Have no fear, Kaine is here! (PM me if you wanna <3)
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