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  1. dealing right now Kaine.......well i am just luckier than most girls i guess i have friends who care.......hope your week end was okay
  2. I am fine...just really cold. How have you been lately Sara?
  3. Hi Kaine!!!!! how have you been huh? just dropped by
  4. My day is allright really really boring I am trying to find ways to entertain myself, howre you?
  5. HI Kaine!how is your day? hope all is well***********
  6. No no, and no. My music tastes are very...eclectic.
  7. do you have anything by the corrs? or rihanna ? or hinder.
  8. Well I am sorry I dont know you well enough to cheer you. All I can do is offer you a hug and support/ advice. So what sort of music do you like?
  9. Thanks but it's okay i mean others know about it and they have been trying to cheer me up a bit am a bit better than last week end though thanks
  10. *laughs* Well truer words have never been spoken, well if you need someone to talk to about anything, I am here for you if need be.
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