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  1. hello freind how are you doing? i hope your ok i thought i drop in and say hello to you.
  2. hello my old freind long time no talk how are you doing? since forever let me know ok give me a jingle.
  3. oh well that sucks i mean you know how that is with nothing to discarct you from your problems
  4. hello my freind what are you up to today? uh yeah just wondering how you are.
  5. hello good to see you here how are things going for you in a lighter place?
  6. not much at all i'm sorry to hear that your ill what do you have ? if you don't mind me asking
  7. hello my freind what seems to be up and going on today for you and your freinds?
  8. soon you will there are times we have a lot to say and other times to but trust me all will come and then you will chosse and that will be your path.
  9. hello my freind saw you were on earlier and thuoght i'd drop in and say hi since i'm up and truly not happy about it right now at a. anyways how are you?
  10. thank you very much and the dramra hey i know what you mean it is hell i can toally understad that and i'm glad that we can be freinds well other than that are you doind ok?
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