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  1. hello my freind how are you doing would you like to be one of my freinds let me know ok ttyl cassy.
  2. hey man what's up long time not talk where have you been sine lat time we spoke huh?
  3. lol.......(no coment) just wanted to drop in and say hi since it's been a day or so well ttyl got to go and pas out after today anyone would later cassy.
  4. thank you and happy new year to you and hope you had a wonderful chisrtmas as well but rember i'm home alot so i will mostly be around and i try to check things evry day ok i will retun anything you send ok i will be here ttyl cassy.
  5. hello my freind how are you doing since the last time i saw or heard from you? i miss you .
  6. lol not a lot is new just a chage here and there and good things but bad too but hey this is life and i can live with it lol cassy.
  7. sure thing i have your name written down so i will try and i'm glad that you still rember me ok talk to you later cassy.
  8. hey i'm cassy it has been a while since we sopke and just thuoght i'd drop you a line and say hi
  9. well i've been out for three years and now the styem is ****ing up my life in the work area other than that everythig is peachy.
  10. work around my home and relitves but other than that not much you how that is.
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