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  1. hey what's up since we last spoke or in a way we did yeah what's up?
  2. yeah kind of i'm just trying to get rid of the dramra it is not good ttyl.
  3. hi how are you diong sorry about know talking for a wihle
  4. i just am having a really hard day today ok don't worry
  5. thanks yeah i do see you around as i know i will i normally do talk later
  6. yes i am just tierd and a little out of it my mind is everywhere latey but i'm fine thank you
  7. yes i'm fine what do you mean hloding up i'm not quite sure what you mean?
  8. conrad guravitch 103 can we talk it about Alurcard_spriggan so can we talk?
  9. kiane yes everything is ok just i feel a lot of tense engry and don't understand why.
  10. hello kiane what's up i was wondering if you have spken to cojoe5 lately just let me know ttyl cassy.
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