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  1. howdy ^_^ how are you doing Kaine? I haven't talk to you for so long...what's up?
  2. well it just must be the fact that your a chick magnet
  3. Katie is ok I suppose, no one is ever on Xat so yeah I sorta stopped going there...I talk to Katie quite a bit...or she usually talks to me, but you get the idea, she seems ok I suppose, for some reason shes still after me...
  4. lol cool...I haven't seen either you or Katie on xats so I was how's life?
  5. Meh the usual know net ways of causing all sorts of trouble.
  6. hello Kaine ^^ how are you? I haven't heard heads or tails of what's up?
  7. howdy Kaine...haven't talked to ya in a ya been?
  8. Shawna tells me to tell you that she does not have computer access at the moment, and not to panic.
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