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  1. Hearts and an Emptied Revolver (HER) and of course this last bit is a filler because of the 500 char thinger...
  2. Not much, Been playin' WoW in my spare time. I jus' haven' been too creative lately, so I'm takin' a break ta recharge my batteries, but that's 'bout ta change. And what's ur story? I'll read it.
  3. How have you been? I just realized that it's been forever since I said hi... so here you go =P

    I'm well, I go into the hospital on thursday for a halter monitor then I'm at the relay for life this weekend wich will be fun.
    So yeah, that's just a little bit of what I've been up to in the real world. On here, I posted a story that noone's reading and they forget to leave comments... I think that it's prolly too long for them...
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