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  1. Hey corvus how have you been ? Been ages since we last talked................
  2. thanks for the pm, lol hey am gona post another one maybe later. **tackle!
  3. my sentiments exactly i mean i like speed writing or spontaaneous writing better since one gets so immersed in what you are feeling and when you proof read it you can be surprised at what you can write.
  4. I do my best to make sure that everything is spelt correctly and that the grammar is decent. I just suffer from having long drawn out thoughts (the spurr of the moment ones) and a lack of spell or grammar check on this computer.
  5. lol well i am guilty of the opposite i am kinda anal and oc about grammar and spell check. lol
  6. I just type unnaturally fast when I have something to say.
  7. thanks. *****poke*** i guess you've been busy a lot am still trying to catch up on a lot on the poem gallery i don't think i have read everything there
  8. tell me if you like it. Ps. I'm not mad at all I changed some stuff to make it fit.
  9. hey Corvus hope you don't get mad at me for posting a reaction to the rpg.
  10. just dropped by to say hi !!! hope to see more of you poems and on the rpg !!!
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