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  1. The award ceremony are you going? Lol lucky I am going to be bored with homework >.<
  2. pfft summer home work AHAAHA YAY canada summer = free time =P
    PS congrs?
  3. That's awesome! Congrs ^^ I am enjoying the boring summer alone which I usually do but I actually have alot of homework >.<
  4. my computer is being difficult and I have to go to an awards ceremony that I don't wan to go to other then that, I'm great =P
  5. I am sad now >.< I miss talking to you lol what's up? Anything new? I am soo sore >.<
  6. Your soo lucky!! Lol Yea I am closer to leaving the US to go explore the world!! Lol ^^ I am sooo happy!!
  7. awesome! I'm graduating so I'm going to be a freshman in college... ^_^
    Only one more? That's great I have like another month left...
  8. I am going to be a senior at high school in one more day! How is that for AWESOME! I am going to be sooo happy after school!! I am going to go to Florida and spend my day on the beach!
  9. Sorry about that. So how've you been?
    As usual I've been up to no good. Homework, work, and just enough fun to let me know that I'm alive ^^
    Oh and being a shrink to people who already have the answer to their problems and are just looking for someone to verify whatthey already know... too bad for them, they've chosen someone crazier then them. Oh, and I'm not having chest pains anymore... well it's been about a month so I thnk I'm all better ^^ back to junk food and... just kidding I can't eat unhealthy (I never even did it just seems gross to me to fill up on chemicals that people don't even give to plants.) but yeah, I hope everything is good on your end.
  10. Heyy ^^ we haven't talked in a while >.< I feel hurt!! Kidding ^^ waz up? Anything new?
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