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  1. Hi names Michael Was wondering about you kinda... You live hella close to me and thought that a fellow californian would like to talk a bit. How are you? How did you become a admin if i may ask? You must be Really good at what you do to get that Position it must not have been easy huh?

    Well Thats good tho it seems you are a nice guy and i wanted to make friends.I live towards Sanfrancisco it is kinda...Boring at times as i live in the College i go to but i also Have a load of fun just being on the comp and i feel that maybe i should try to do more posts if you could throw around some ideas for me?

    LOl well man How is LA i have been there a couple times...very Big place it is. You like living there at all? I wouldnt mind it if i had a car to Drive around with decent gas mileage and was in good shape but i dont even have that. It is interesting tho to see that there is somone so close to me lol never thought about it before. My Brother awesomeparty12 told me about this place so i came here and made new Friends.

    Anyway sry about the long letter i guess i do talk alot my bad i hope it doesnt bother you at all. but um as i said nice to meet you and hope to talk to you again soon and your ADMIN sig is really cool it makes it look really nice. anyway Nice to meet you Bye

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