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  1. huummmmm... yah thay are some of them are funny well to methay are
  2. pics? Now, I have not actually... are they in your albums?
  3. oh same same im in the media center and its boring as hell me oh did you see my pics yet
  4. nothing really, just at work, waiting for a work order for me to do, man its sooooooo boring here when you have squat to do ><. So whats up over there?
  5. your a cheter ha ha ha so hows you doing on your side of the feance
  6. hey it happened before, and it wasn't my fault when it happened. And I didn't have to go to work for like almost 1 month XD. So hope it happens, with no one getting hurt.
  7. why is that you dont what that no its bad to do that you might burn yourself
  8. well, you'll be ok ^^. I'm at work right now, man I hope someone starts a fire ><
  9. loser im no loser but yet agane i dont win anything ither me im good humm... work sucks alot and school is all most out so yah im ok i guess
  10. Hey there loser, lol. Whats up? whatcha been up to?
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