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  1. ok cool^^ thanks well ttyl when your online again
  2. i don't know... i guess it made me quite happy that they finally had their first real date... and the kiss at the end too... haha. plus the fact that nabi already developed/realized his true feelings for doki... ^^,

    don't worry bout the lyrics though... the 5th installment has the lyrics... just roll over your mouse pointer to the bottom right of the screen playing the movie. ^^,
  3. really how so?
    its too bad that i cant understand the songs tho lol
  4. haha... they are great aren't they... it's very cute. ^^,

    though i liked the third one best... ^^,
    it was very inspiring... XP
  5. oh yea no problem i think it was u who posted those vids about your avatar with the cat and the bunny ^^ i looked at some of those vids i liked the 1st and 2nd one lol it was my first time watching those lol
  6. hey... ^^, thanks for the thanks on my post... i feel honored to have been thanked by you. ^^,
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