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  1. well... basically, we were attacked while you went after elayn. we were sicked into different holds (voids where reiki flows from one dimension to another) wlayn and i are stuck in the air hold. rika and syrix are trying to find us but their in the hold of water. You on the other hand were kidnapped from us and are stuck in the hold of fire surrounded by fire beings.

    currently we are fighting to get to where you are. but elayn and i need to find rika and syrix first. ^^,
  2. kay I was gone for a week!! Stupid computer had a virus and had to get it fixed!! Afterschool today is when I'll post!! Alright??

    Okay before I post, tell me everything that beens going since there is lots to read....PLease.....I don't have the time nor the pleasure to read all of the post. Way to behind too....
  3. PRIESTESS!!! heh... we badly need you... you need to be saved from i don't know what force exactly... all of us don't know yet, just that a lot of strange creatures are popping up around terabithia.
  4. yeah... at least it is...

    and i'm actually having fun trying to make the story more interesting or something like that... it's kinda fun... ^^,
  5. *sigh* Yeah, it's getting kinda confusing and all.....but hey! At least it is started and getting going!!
  6. heh... ^^,
    so how's it going... the flows kinda messy though. the proponents don't match wavelengths much... heh.
  7. Replying to thread PW. ^^
  8. haha... of course i will... ^^,
    why wouldn't i... We're in this journey together. heh!
  9. ~wheeee~ Paper Wings sounds like it will be fun!! huh?? So are you going to help me?? (when we start the journey.....)
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